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R.T. Jordan served for 30 years as a Senior Publicist with the Walt Disney Studios motion picture marketing division, where he worked on over 500 feature films. In addition to his many published books,  including the Polly Pepper mystery series, and untold numbers of feature articles, he also wrote the seminal nonfiction Hollywood/Broadway book, “But Darling, I’m Your Auntie Mame!” a history of the immortal fictional character created by author Patrick Dennis. He enjoys living half the year in the Lake Arrowhead area in Southern California mountains, and the other half in a cottage (a converted 18th-century stable) in the English countryside.


  • Enjoys cooking

  • Loves music from the 40s and 50s

  • Attended Doris Day’s 90th Birthday

  • Can’t change a tire

  • Loves traveling, especially to Europe

  • Had the worst holiday of his life in Amsterdam (ask him why)

  • Loves old movies, especially “Cover Girl” starring Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth, and “Auntie Mame” starring Rosalind Russell

  • Wants to be among the first “space tourists”

  • Cries when he sees suffering anywhere on the planet

  • Has never met Michelle Obama, but attended her book tour in Los Angeles

  • Discovered author/poet Maya Angelou

  • Is happy to spend time with himself

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