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Mmmmm. Cooking with MM

Living alone as I do up here in the Southern California mountains, I’ve had to learn to cook for myself. In my former city life I went to restaurants for most of my meals. But up here, the closest place to eat is about 15 miles away. I’m not wild about driving the dark winding roads at night, especially if I’ve had a glass of wine (or three) with dinner. So I’m relying on a specific cookbook: The Shredded Chef (cool title), by Michael Matthews. (Hey, we have the same initials!) Not only are the recipes super easy and tasty, but I can’t help staring at the author’s cover photo (and an especially sexy one on page 264!).

So I burned the first meal. Ha! His smile! OMG!

The Shredded Chef is more than just a cookbook. The author shares all sorts of ideas about dieting and nutrition, too. He’s got terrific recipes for healthy breakfasts and lunches and salads and dinners. Great ones for lean meats, and poultry, and seafood, and even for making soups (which terrify me).

I’m not a dessert guy, so I haven’t tried his peach cobbler or key lime pie, or the other ones that look yummy. But they all seem really easy to make. And that’s key for me. I was never into cooking … found it a waste of my time … but I’m really getting into it now. It helps that the chef/author is so adorable! Betty Crocker and Julia Child don’t turn me on the way this dude does. Ha!

Tonight: Graham Cracker-Crusted Talapia. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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